FASCISM AS IT IS film by Andrey Karaulov

Dear compatriots!
We congratulate you on the 70th of the Great Victory over fascism. We wish you and your children peace and freedom so that our peoples never know what war and fascism are.

Among our team there are political refugees from the Ukraine, their friends were arrested and killed by the Nazi regime. Please see the video; it reveals the events taking place today in Ukraine. We offer you this video in Russian, German and English, in order that we could inform people as much as possible.
All these events are relevant to all of us because in the very near future they could affect everyone. Unfortunately, the policy of fomenting political conflicts could lead the world into war again, to the threshold of a Third World War.
We appeal to all of you not to forget the lessons of history, to do best to avoid a new international conflict, and not to plunge our peoples into the chaos of war and destruction.

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